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How to Track YouTube Video Performance Using Google Tag Manager

You probably already know that video is the best way to make your products and services easier to understand for your prospects and customers. Until recently, you could only track YouTube videos on your website using specialized code in Google Tag Manager. You can now do this easily as Google added a trigger to Google Tag Manager that lets you set up YouTube video tracking.

Turn Google Tag Manager’s Scroll Tracking Feature into a Powerful Visitor Insight Engine

Every ecommerce website contains at least a few pages of content longer than a single screen so visitors need to scroll. Google created new triggers and event types recently. Among these: the ability to track visitor scrolling using tags. It enables tracking of how far down the page visitors actually scroll.

Zero In On Your Best Content & Most Valuable Visitors Using the Google Analytics Cohort Report

Cohort Reports can be found under the Audience Reports section of your Google Analytics dashboard. In its present form, the Cohort Report shows the number of visitors acquired and retained over a given time period. Cohort analysis begins at the start date you select, and can range from one day to 12 weeks.

Google Analytics Customer Lifetime Value Reports

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is a metric that you can use to predict how much a given visitor contributes to the goal of your website. Put another way CLV helps you know how much revenue to expect from a visitor who converts. Google Analytics provides reports that can be of help and we go through them in this article.

Google Analytics Audit Frequently Asked Questions

This is the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section of the Google Analytics audit guide. We have listed the most common questions we receive related to GA audits and hope these will be of use to you.

Google Analytics Audit Checklist Infographic

Based on the Google Analytics Audit Checklist article we have created a useful infographic we thought you might find interesting. Feel free to share.

Useful Tools When Doing Google Analytics Audits

In this article we have listed tools you can use to help you audit your Google Analytics setup that we continually use. We're not affiliated with these products and our recommendation is based on us using them.

Google Analytics Audit Checklist – Ensure Integrity of Analytics Data

Having analytics to rely upon when you have an ecommerce store is crucial. Analytics can uncover more than just how many visitors you have/where they come from. You can find out what channels perform the best, where visitors drop out or what content performs well.

Seek Out & Improve: How to Spot Optimization Opportunities in Your Analytics Data

Nearly every website has Google Analytics set up to track basic metrics so they can analyze what’s going wrong (and right), and use that information to improve their website’s performance. That’s the purpose of analytics. Yet most people stare at their Google Analytics dashboards and think, “Well, I guess that looks good. We’re up .0002 percent from last month.”

13 Google Analytics Tips & Tricks for Better Data

We thought it might be useful to conclude the Advanced Google Analytics Series by reminding you of some of the most important and useful features of the Google Analytics. These are very easy to forget, but they can provide so much more information quite disproportionate to the amount of effort needed to set them up.