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Reduce shopping cart abandonment in order to gain more sales

Cart abandonment is a common problem for ecommerce websites. When we talk about addressing how to reduce shopping cart abandonment, we’re referring to measurably reducing the number of visitors who abandon their carts during the checkout process.

Your Ecommerce Store Copy Can Make or Break Your Sales (and Your SEO)

An amazing ecommerce user experience is critical but for all the importance of a good user interface, solid web design, and attention to customer relationships, none of it is complete without copy (AKA words) to back it up. Using copy, you can point out the benefits of your products that cannot be discerned from product photos. Text is a natural and convenient way to transfer ideas, values, and facts — but to be effective, it needs to be clear and relevant.

Great Ecommerce User Experience For Increased Conversions

To ease friction and improve ecommerce user experience, your website must be simple and functional. It must allow intuitive navigation, cut down on visual distraction, and omit or hide unnecessary content. You need to ensure visitors face as few obstacles as possible on their journey toward the ultimate goal: purchase.

Fix Your Forms to Spur More Sales: Form Implementation & Analysis

We constantly encounter forms while browsing the web. They require us to fill in data, provide our email address, our real address, or other critical data. The role of forms is, at its base, to allow website owners to get to know their market — to contact customers, receive payments from them, and deliver the goods they buy.

Foundation of High-Converting Ecommerce Stores: Clarity & Relevance

Together, the ideas of relevance and clarity represent the cornerstone of successful communication between people. High-converting ecommerce stores need to have both to be effective. Clarity means that you’re conveying your meaning in terms that can be understood by your conversation partner (or audience). Relevance simply means that what you are saying makes sense in the framework of conversation.

How to Write High-Converting (And *Gasp* FUN) Copy For Your Ecommerce Checkout Flow

Effective checkout flows are intuitive, quick, & low-friction. Assuming your ecommerce store isn’t a taped-together, virus-riddled piece of garbage, improving your checkout flow copy can be one of the simplest ways to assuage fears, overcome buyer barriers, and boost your conversions. That high-converting copy can also be fun.

Product Photography: How Photos Impact Your e-Commerce Conversion

Product photography impacts your e-commerce conversion - one of the best ways to overcome the online purchasing challenge is by having great product photos. Product photography matters so much that a study carried out by MDG Advertising found 67% of online shoppers rated high-quality images as being “very important” to their purchase decision over “product specific information,” “long descriptions,” and “reviews.”

How to Build a High Converting e-Commerce Checkout Flow

Optimizing the e-commerce checkout flow – everything that happens between “add to cart” and the purchase confirmation page – is a science. A science that requires research, study, and of course, testing.

Colors & Conversions in eCommerce Design

The psychology of color is a subject of strong disagreement in marketing and ecommerce design. We know we need it, and we’d like there to be a list of rules to follow that remain the same in all instances – but there isn’t. Color preference, associations, and color cause and effect, vary widely between individuals and cultures.

Fast Loading e-Commerce Websites Convert Better

While you might be able to brush it off as a minor annoyance, you may not realize that slow loading times cost you customers and better website rankings, and cause visitors to hit the back button before you even have a chance to convert them. You don’t have to leave all of that money on the table - you just have to learn to grab it faster. We’ve rounded up our best CRO tips for speeding up your site and improving conversion rates at the same time. Time is Money In no area of business is this aphorism more true than e-commerce. The longer your page takes to load, the more money you lose. For conversion rate optimization (CRO), prioritizing speed on every page and in every part of the sales funnel is vital, because slow loading times are the silent killers of e-commerce stores.