Advanced eCommerce Google Analytics

Advanced eCommerce Google Analytics series of articles covers everything you need to know to use Google Analytics like a Pro to optimize your e-commerce website.

Advanced Google Analytics Features

Without advanced customization, Google Analytics is useful, but very limited. To fully use its potential, you must dig a bit deeper than the default settings. This is especially true of events, and only once you implement some custom event tracking will Google Analytics be able to truly shine. We will cover multiple advanced Google Analytics posts in this series.

Google Tag Manager for e-Commerce Stores

Google Tag Manager is Google’s solution for efficiently dealing with tags. Adding individual tags for tracking user interactions within the page (like tracking when users download PDFs or play videos) or e-commerce tags for Google Analytics e-commerce and Enhanced e-commerce reporting leads to cluttering the site code.

Google Analytics Event Tracking

Google Analytics event tracking is a piece of JavaScript that is inserted in interactive content on website pages. JavaScript is a programming language used mostly to create dynamic content on websites - content that moves, reacts, changes and does things. In this case, we’re using the JavaScript code to initiate the report from the web page to Google Analytics when an event has taken place on the website page.

Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnel

Google Analytics multi-channel funnels help us to accurately attribute conversions to each channel and put values on them. From this, we can determine how long it took from the user’s first visit to their eventual conversion and what steps they took in between. It’s the most valuable information a conversion optimizer can have.

Google Analytics Spam – Don’t Be Fooled: Filter Bogus Traffic in Google Analytics

Fake traffic is Google Analytics spam traffic that creates sessions on your website that artificially increases traffic, creates traffic spikes and avalanches, that don’t represent what’s really happening with your customers at all. Ridding Google Analytics of Spam traffic is essential to ensuring the data you receive and act upon is real. So let’s look at how Spam affects your GA reports, and how to get rid of it.

Google Analytics Acquisition and Attribution

Google Analytics Acquisition and Attribution - Acquisition tells us how people get to the site. Conversion tells us how many of those people purchase. Our goal in analytics is to find which channel brings us the most visitors who are the most likely to also purchase.

13 Google Analytics Tips & Tricks for Better Data

We thought it might be useful to conclude the Advanced Google Analytics Series by reminding you of some of the most important and useful features of the Google Analytics. These are very easy to forget, but they can provide so much more information quite disproportionate to the amount of effort needed to set them up.