eCommerce A/B Testing

eCommerce A/B testing series of articles covers everything you need to do in order to get started with A/B testing on your e-commerce store. This introduction covers everything from analytics & qualitative methods of research to actual testing and how to embrace testing so it becomes part of your orgnization DNA. Below are the five articles we've written as part of the series. Articles sometimes have complimentary documents in order to help you get started quicker. Think of them as cheat sheets to jumpstart some of the steps outlined.

e-Commerce Growth: Understanding A/B Testing

Once you’re seeing a solid traffic base and you’re wondering what else you can possibly do to improve your sales, start thinking about your website in a different way. Instead of, “How do I get more people to visit my site?” start thinking, “How do I get more people who are already visiting to take the actions I want?” We’re talking about the art and science of conversion rate optimization (CRO), of course, and the main mechanism to conduct CRO – A/B testing, or split testing.

You Can’t Improve What You Can’t Measure: Why A/B Testing Starts With Analytics

CRO is about figuring out where to close those holes in your funnel and improve your visitor experience. You can figure out what you need to do through targeted A/B testing. But if you can’t trust the numbers underpinning the whole enterprise are accurate... what’s the point? That’s where analytics come in. A properly set up analytics program provides the accurate data you need to support a testing and optimization strategy. It forms the foundational bedrock of the whole process.

Know Thy Customer: Why You Need Qualitative Research for Effective CRO

We can spend forever crunching datasets and watching people interact with our pages and products, and we still might not have the faintest inkling of what’s going on in their minds as they consider whether or not to buy our product. Data can tell you a lot, but to get context, you need to talk to people.

How to Create Effective A/B Tests from Scratch

Testing is a way to build up a systematic approach to optimizing conversions across your entire organization. It’s not something you just “start doing” or “implement” overnight. Like our favorite weightlifting analogy, it’s a process. No one walks into the gym and lifts 300 pounds on their first day. First you need to learn how to lift properly and how to fuel your body for effective lifting.

Building a Sustainable Testing Culture

More e-commerce companies should make a commitment to creating a culture of testing. We’re talking about a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to qualitative and quantitative information, functional design and effective split testing, a commitment that stretches from your C-suite to your interns. When everyone in your company approaches problems with a testing mindset, you’ll have a solid foundation for growth.