Conversion Rate Optimization Resources

On this page we’ve listed resources we’ve developed and think might be of help when it comes to learning or getting started with conversion rate optimization.

Business Tools

Conversion Rate Optimization Return on Investment Calculator

Is conversion rate optimization worth your effort? Use our Conversion Rate Optimization Return on Investment Calculator to figure out your ROI.

Conversion Rate Optimization Business Case Calculator

Making the business case for conversion rate optimization requires a comprehensive analysis, including calculating the ROI + the effect on your bottom line.


Marketing Glossary

Glossary of marketing terms we've internally developed and continuously update. Learn the terms and abbreviations we use to be better informed.


Stand Out & Sell More Book

Read our book on best practices & quick wins for e-commerce stores that will enable you to stand out from your competition and sell more.

Google Analytics Basics for e-Commerce Book

This book covers everything you need to know to begin using Google Analytics to observe, analyze, and optimize your e-commerce website.

Article Series

eCommerce A/B testing

Our five-part introductory series on A/B testing for your e-commerce store. We cover all aspects of preparing you to optimize your conversion rates.

eCommerce Google Analytics Introduction

Our series of articles on Google Analytics for e-commerce will enable novice users to get started and configuring Google Analytics for e-commerce requirements.

Advanced eCommerce Google Analytics

Advanced eCommerce Google Analytics series of articles covers everything you need to know to use Google Analytics like a Pro to optimize your e-commerce website.

Customer Research As An Enhancer For Ecommerce CRO Efforts

Advanced Customer research plays a huge role in conversion optimization. We use customer research to find out information about our customers’ behavior that takes us beyond what they did and where they came from.

Google Analytics Audit with Checklist - Ensure Integrity of Your Analytics Data

Having analytics data to rely upon when you have an ecommerce store is absolutely crucial. Accurate and timely data can uncover much more than just how many visitors come to your website or where they come from.

Using Customer Personas with Google Analytics to Get Ahead

A buyer persona (aka. user persona, customer persona) is an avatar that represents the aggregate of your target customers. The persona answers the questions: Who is my ideal customer?