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In this book, we cover how to make your e-commerce website stand out from your competition:

Defining Your Ideal Customer in E-Commerce

How to differentiate yourself in a crowded market

Developing Your Unique Value Proposition

This book is designed to teach you exactly what it says in the title: How to stand out and sell more.

If you’re struggling to define your niche, not quite sure who your ideal customer is (or think an ideal customer is someone who buys a lot of stuff from you – they’re so much more!), and if your e-commerce site isn’t converting the way it should and you are stumped as to why – we wrote this book for you.

We want you to stand out. We want you to understand how to reach your ideal customers and give them exactly what they want. We want you to create delightful, unique experiences and be the best business you can be.

Why? Because we believe great businesses are great for everybody. We all win when you understand your customers so well that they are excited to buy from you again and again.

Yes, this book is about conversion.

But unlike other e-books on conversion, we start at the beginning, before the “sales funnel,” before website design, before CTAs and A/B testing. We start with the customer.

Then we move into the nitty-gritty details of what customers need from you to feel comfortable purchasing, and specific ways you can influence them to hit the “buy” button. It’s part Conversion Rate Optimization, part psychology, part marketing, and all actionable.

What’s Inside?

Each chapter ends with immediately actionable steps you can take to
apply our information to your business in real ways.

Defining Your Ideal Customer in E-Commerce

This e-book is written just for you, and we’re starting it off with the most important thing you can do for your e-commerce business: Defining, finding, and attracting your ideal e-commerce customers.

Discovering Your Differentiator

Differentiation is, literally, what separates you from your competition. It’s why your customers will only buy from you, no matter what the other guys are offering. When you hit just the right differentiator for your target audience, you’ll convince them that they can only get their desired outcome from you.

Developing Your Unique Value Proposition

Value propositions look deceptively simple, don’t they? But they are one of the most important statements you’ll ever make for your e-commerce products. They require thought, consideration, substantial research, and ongoing testing. Furthermore, they’re worth the effort.

What Really Makes People Buy

Your sales depend on building trust, delivering desired outcomes, and tipping the scales of decision by gently prodding your buyer to act. When you have that combo in place, you’re no longer a price-based decision, you’re a value- based decision.

Play with Perceived Value

Perception is a very individual thing, influenced by life experience, personality, past interactions with your brand and your competitors (and with certain classic movies). Perception is the voice that whispers

We wrote this book for you!

Edin Sabanovic

Senior CRO Consultant

Standing out is a growing challenge for e-commerce stores because competition isn’t going away. Competition is sprouting up all over the place like weeds after rain. Sure, the attrition rates for these new businesses are high, but the ones who stick around understand how to carve out their niches and own them.