Customer Research

Customer Research MethodologyOne-size-fits-all does not fit most e-commerce stores. In our experience, e-commerce stores and their customers are unique, each with with own challenges and ideal outcomes. We follow a step-by-step methodology that allows for bespoke conversion optimization, guaranteed to yield measurable results for each, individual business.

Customer research is a pre-requisite for our A/B testing service, but we also offer it a la carte for businesses who may not be ready for testing, but do need to understand their customer’s motivations and behaviors.

Customer Psychology + Data

To convert visitors to buyers, you need to understand what drives your customers.

  • What are your customers motivations?
  • What does their on-site behavior mean?
  • Is your site leaking sales or underperforming on a popular browser, operating system or device?
  • Do you know your customers and what’s actually spurring them to buy?

The Customer Research Framework we’ve developed delivers insights from all four critical segments of customer research that, together, answer these questions and so many more.

Gain Insights from All 4 Segments of Customer Research

Quantitative Research

We transform your Google Analytics into a powerful data-gathering tool, setting the foundation for all future testing and optimization work. We will also take care that you do not miss on any other source of information, by implementing heat mapping and click tracking.

Key Deliverables:

  • You’ll know what to measure and how.
  • We set up Google Analytics to track and follow your e-commerce conversion funnels so you’ll know what resonates, and what is driving customers away.
  • You’ll understand what engages your target customers most with heat maps and scroll maps.
  • You’ll have a list of the most profitable places to focus when you’re ready to begin testing.

Qualitative Research

Data can tell you a lot, but it can’t take the place of talking to people. That context is crucial We complement quantitative data from your analytics tool with effective qualitative customer research.

Key Deliverables:

  • We interview your existing customers to find out their motivations when visiting your site.
  • We survey your site visitors to gain insight into the ‘whys’ behind visitor behavior.
  • We conduct usability testing and observe visitors using your site in real time to gauge how successful they are.

Heuristic Analysis

Our experts use experience-based techniques to visually inspect your website, using all of their accumulated knowledge to identify what works, what doesn’t, and what could work so much better.

Key Deliverables:

  • Detailed heuristic audit report, identifying issues and problem areas
  • Specific recommendations for fixing each issue
  • Visual mock-ups or wireframes that can be used to design improved pages, or new copy proposals if we find issues related to the copy
  • Report on the issues that were improved with analysis of the effects

Technical Analysis

By now, we’ve identified how to ensure that a larger proportion of visitors convert. All that remains is to make sure the website actually works, from a technical perspective. The first step is to look for potential problems; the second step is to make recommendations based on what we find, and implement fixes wherever possible.

Key Deliverables:

  • Audit report on technical issues preventing the website from displaying properly
  • Detailed report on potential SEO (thin, blocked, or hidden content ) issues with solution recommended
  • Audit report on potential speed issues with recommendations
  • Audit report on the mobile responsiveness and identifying the issues
  • Audit report on potential security issues and help implement https
  • Audit report on localization issues (translation, geotargeting, lack of country identifier in URL)
  • Detailed report on detected issues and implemented solutions