Landing Page Review

An e-commerce website without a landing page is like a shop without a window. How can you get people in if you don’t display your wares?

Landing pages are must-haves for each of your most popular products and each promotional campaign. If you aren’t using them, you’re missing one of the greatest opportunities to increase conversion.

Your most motivated customers are on your landing pages.

We can show you how to seize this opportunity by presenting visitors with relevant offers that match their motivations.

In our experience, the most effective landing pages:

  • Are product specific
  • Are campaign specific
  • Have limited, or ideally no navigation
  • Have just one call to action – 1 page, 1 job

With our Landing Page Review service, we inspect your landing page copy, visual elements and relevance to ensure they follow these best practices.

Get Our Exclusive Landing Page Usability and Conversion Review

This is a great way to see what we can do for your e-commerce store on a small scale!

Our experts have been analyzing, user testing and A/B testing small and large websites since 2001. All of that experience informs each review.

Key deliverables:

  • An objective, expert review of your landing page and form
  • Tips focused on increasing your conversion rate
  • Extensive report
  • 1 hour web meeting + recording