Website Rescue

Is something not working right in your e-Commerce store?

Our Website Rescue Service is designed to help existing e-Commerce stores learn why they aren’t converting customers at the rates they should – and get actionable recommendations for optimization.

  • Do you suspect Google Analytics is not configured properly so you aren’t sure about the data you’re getting and you find them strange?
  • You think you might have made your copy and website structure complicated and hard to understand?
  • Do visitors complain that your site is too slow?
  • Did you fall behind with updates?
  • When is the last time you optimized file sizes?
  • Maybe you have no idea what broke, or how to fix it?

Then our Website rescue service is for you. We are available to set up or fix your Google Analytics so you get the right information and to conduct an expert heuristic review and technical analysis of your website to see what’s gone wrong, and recommend ways to fix it. Schedule your review.

In two weeks we can diagnose the problems with your site, fix them, and boost your conversions – for 1/10th the cost of a typical store redesign.

Your website gets a conversion makeover and a design facelift, and it’s all over in two weeks. Think of us like a Navy SEAL Team for your business. (Minus the helicopters.)

Key deliverables:

  • Analytics audit report with list of issues and recommendations
  • Measurement plan and list of KPIs
  • Customized reports emailed as needed
  • Functional Google Tag Manager account
  • Mouse tracking, heat mapping with visual reports and written analysis
  • Heuristic analysis report, listing issues and recommendations for fixing them
  • Technical audit report that lists all the issues encountered, including potential SEO issues, site technical integrity, mobile responsiveness, load speed optimization etc.

It’s everything you need to find and fix your problems and raise your conversions to the next level. We exist to improve your revenues!


We want you to get the maximum return for each dollar you invest in your e-Commerce store. A website rescue will cost you $3,000 flat. No hidden fees, no variable rates. Contact us now to get started.